"You know, I gotta say when I first started working on Inception, some of the drawings they showed me of their ideas for that character was, uh, sort of schlubby, sort of like, well, he’s the tech guy, he runs the machines, you know, so maybe he should be wearing some sneakers and a plaid shirt et cetera and I was like ‘No, no, no.’

This guy is in charge of making sure everything goes right. The Cobb character that Leonardo DiCaprio played, he’s like the artist and this guy’s like the producer. So, uh, I thought of my friend Jared, who is a theatre producer by day and he’s a very spiffy dresser.

And I was like, ‘No, I want tailored suits and I want to slick back my hair, I want this guy to seem like he’s meticulous, like he pays very close attention to detail.’”

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt (x)

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There aren’t really any “deleted scenes” in Don Jon, because we used pretty much everything we shot.  But this take is part of a larger montage, and we only used a second of it.  So here’s the whole thing.


Don Jon comes out this weekend! Don’t make Tony revisit his past - so go see the fuckin’ movie! :oD


So, you might have heard, I wrote and directed a movie called Don Jon!

In celebration of the film’s theatrical release on September 27, I’m excited to show you some of the many contributions the hitRECord community has shared regarding the theme of ‘My Favorite Things’.

Thanks again <3


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Don Jon, the first movie written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt hits theaters this Friday, 9/27. Get your tickets now for this original new comedy!

"It’s [Don Jon] a story about how the media sometimes leads us to treat each other more like things than like people and that’s something I’ve seen. Y’know, working in movies and TV…"

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Hi, he's doing an AMA tomorrow on reddit where you can ask him anything at 7pm.